Organizing Tip – Consider Self Storage

We all know that an unorganized home or office can lead to significant stress.  For the past 8 years, I have been the Office Manager of at a Medical Billing Firm and and a mother of 2 boys managing a home.  Talk about a juggling act, I am personally responsible for making sure that my office and home are correctly organized and efficient.  As a result, over the years I have learned some valuable concepts and ideas about organizing  the home and office and wanted to pass them on to you so that you can make the most out of your storage area.

The Cost of Storage

First we need to establish your current storage costs.  The cost per square foot of your office our home could be much more significant than you think.

I live and work in in San Clemente, California.  The cost of office space in our business park runs $ 2.00 per square foot per month.   We are using an 10′ x 15′  office for non-essential files, inventory, and business equipment.   Our cost for storing these items at our office is approximately 150 s.f.  times $2.00 s.f.,  plus .50 cents s.f  for insuring and providing utilities for the this space, for a total of $375 per month.

Closet Over FlowingThe cost of homes in our area runs approximately $300 per square foot.  If you are like most people,  you could be using 1/2 of your garage for storage space.  The square foot area for a car in a garage is approximately 10′ x 15′.  In this case, this would equate to a value of $300 x 150 s.f. or $45,000.

As you can see, the cost of storing items at your office our home can get quit expensive.  For this reason,  I am a big proponent of using off site self storage space for storing items that we do not commonly use.  The going rate for a 150 square foot storage unit in our area, ranges between $225 to $239 per month.

There are many more benefits to storing items at in a self storage unit than cost.  One being that it is a good idea to have certain items stored at different locations in case there is a fire at your home or business.  Another one being that you may not want certain items easily accessible to employees or family members.  Most self storage facilities can limit access to storage units via personal coded security systems or the similar.

Self Storage is Easily Accessible

There are over 50,000 self storage facilities located in the U.S. , in over 85% of U.S counties, and that 1 out of 10 American households rents a self storage unit.  It is easy to understand why self storage units are in such demand, the cost of storing your items at a self storage facility is cheaper than storing them at your home or business.

Self storage facilities are easy to find and most are conveniently located near your home or business.  In San Clemente, California, there are 5 different self storage facilities to choose from, our favorite being San Clemente Storage.  For example, these folks not only have a beautiful facility, but, their rental rates are very competitive and they let you use their Moving Truck for no cost to move in.

I feel that my self storage facility is an extension of my home and business because it is located in a great area of town and it is really clean.  In fact, it is right up the street from Wal-Mart,  so I usually try to tie a visit to both.  We store everything from holiday decorations, seasonal sporting equipment, vehicles,  business records, and business inventory.  So my suggestion is to strongly consider renting a storage unit and relieve yourself of unneeded stress and clutter.  For tips on living a clutter free life, go here to discover my 7 Steps to a Clutter Free Home.

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